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It’s that time of day again, so here ya go:

1. IQ test shows AI machine thinks like a 4-year-old

We wanted to see how well AI measures up to its human overlords (for now) and now we’ve come up with an answer. And by we, I mean a team of University of Illinois experts and members of a Hungarian AI research group.

The AI system they tested is called ConceptNet, developed by MIT’s Common Sense Computing Initiative and currently an open-source project. It was administered the standard WPPSI-III VIQ psychometric test.


ConceptNet scored the same as an average four-year-old child but it might have done better if it weren’t for the ambiguity of the human language. For example, it was asked “why do we shake hands?” and answered “epileptic fit.” Who knows, maybe it’s gonna grow up to be a wise guy.

This test allowed researchers to gain a better understanding of how future tests should be run. They’re already thinking of introducing language processing tools such as Siri, Cortana or Google Now into the equation. Just wait ’till John Connor hears about this.

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