10 Cool Things I Clicked On Today (IV)


My mouse is still working, so I present to you:

1. Samurai slices 100 mph baseball

If you never heard of Isao Machii, I can safely assume you’re not a baseball. If you were one, your stitches would be tightening up right now. And no one would blame you, because:

That baseball was traveling at 100 mph, making me wonder if Machii struck a deal with the Japanese devil or something. Ah, look at me talking before doing my homework.

It turns out he’s a master of Iaido, a martial art dedicated to drawing the sword, striking and sliding it back in the scabbard—and it has to be elegantly performed while looking completely indifferent.

Machii’s cut his way into several Guinness World Records, chief among them being “Fastest 1,000 martial arts sword cuts.” The man can strike 1,000 times in a row and he can do it fast.

And here we see him cutting a BB gun pellet in half. This one’s been clocked at 200 mph. Japanese devil, I told you.

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