7 Facts About Hitler


Man’s rule over another gave birth to the greatest atrocities and oftentimes evil finds residence in our leaders. As history unveils their deeds, they manage to gather our collective loathing.

One of the names that conjures up visceral repulsion is Adolf Hitler. For all the things revealed about this man, mysteries still remain. Let’s have a look at some lesser known and intriguing stuff about him.

The Hitlers

Adolf Hitler’s father, Alois Schicklgruber was a bastard for having fathered him but he was also a bastard. The identity of his father is still disputed. He was born in Johann Georg Hiedler’s family but after the death of his mother, Maria Schicklgruber, Alois was raised by Georg’s brother, Johann Nepomuk Hiedler. Some historians speculate that Nepomuk is Alois’ biological father but never acknowledged the fact. In any case, Alois was left with a fair amount of money after Nepomuk’s death. In 1877 he changed his name to Alois Hitler.


His first two wives died and he unceremoniously tied the knot for the third time to Klara Pölzl, Nepomuk’s granddaughter.

Ah, the old cousin-banging scheme–the origin of so many dictators.

Adolf Hitler had four more brothers and sisters but only his sister Paula made it past childhood. His relationship with his father was strained at best so it’s no wonder they never saw eye to eye. Alois wanted Adolf to pursue a career in the civil service. That’s exactly why his first career choice was:


Yep, he tried painting. His father died in 1903 and from 1905 he lived the bohemian life in Vienna. He had orphan benefits and his mother supported him but for extra Kronen he sometimes sold his watercolor paintings. He always painted landscapes devoid of people. That must be one of the reasons he was denied admission to Vienna’s Academy of Fine Arts in 1907 and again in 1908. He was rejected due to unfitness for painting and the director suggested architecture but Hitler had previously dropped out of school at age 15 and had no academic credentials. After his mother’s death and his second rejection he ran out of money and started sleeping in homeless shelters and on park benches. During this time he embraced antisemitism.


Feel free to look for signs of his future personality.

So, the lesson we should take here is never deny wannabe painters their admission to art school lest they end up homeless, thus starting a chain reaction that culminates in the worst case of “I’ll show them! I’ll show all of them!”

His Handwriting

Myths about Hitler’s sexual orientation have been flying around ever since Hitler. There is no concrete evidence that he was homosexual or bisexual. That doesn’t prove anything since proponents of his gayness claim that the Gestapo destroyed all the related evidence.

But there’s a way we could get away with calling him girly: his walk and his handwriting. American journalist and war correspondent William Shirer observed his walk and called it “ladylike”, with “dainty little steps”. Hitler was an effeminate man in some aspects and his handwriting is one of them. After having a chance to examine it, Carl Jung said that “behind this handwriting I recognize the typical characteristics of a man with essentially feminine instinct.” His friend called him a girl.

Fond of Sweets


No info on his fondness toward swedes.

When you imagine a dictator’s dining habits you either envision the opulent feast thrown by megalomaniac or the frugal dinner oftentimes neglected by a ruler with matters far more pressing than the act of eating. When it comes to Hitler, though, things turn weird.

He had always been a sucker for sweets. In his youth, he rarely got the chance to enjoy as many poppyseed cakes as he would have liked. So, naturally, when he became powerful enough, he found out that sugary products were at his will. He enjoyed chocolate, took his tea with seven teaspoons of sugar and added spoonfulls of the sweet stuff to a nice glass of red wine.

And He Hated the Dentist

Naturally, all those sweets had an impact and no matter how much of a leader of the Third Reich you are, you can’t mass murder your cavities. Hitler was genuinely scared of the dentist and once had his dentist draw out a simple root canal procedure over eight days.

As a result, he had an awful breath. But that’s nothing compared to his

Chronic Flatulence


Zat vas not mein stinker.

Hitler suffered from a long-lasting gastrointestinal disorder but his trusty physician, Dr. Theodor Morell managed to unblock the dictator’s digestive system with a mix of amphetamines and gun lubricant. That’s when his farting really took off. He tried covering his farts with belladonna and strychnine anti-gas pills but I don’t see how that could have improved things. He must have been the life of the party: a feminine man well into his sugar rush, in the middle of a whirlwind fed by his monumental farts and monologues.

But At Least He Didn’t Do Drugs

Way ahead of you, bro. In 1944 the same Dr. Morell prescribed Hitler cocaine. He took int through an inhaler twice a day and if he felt like he was coming down too hard he plopped some cocaine eye drops.


Good thing excessive use doesn’t lead to paranoia.

In all fairness, cocaine was widely used as medicine back then. Hitler suffered from throat and sinus problems but the signs of his heavy use are visible, especially towards the end of his life.

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