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Welcome to IQpill.com!

      Our first order of business is proper introduction. We’re a team of regular guys with a penchant for all things worth knowing. And we also like to share that knowledge, maybe throw in a couple of jokes and before you know it everybody’s having a good time.

      The main reason for doing what we do is that there are millions of interstig things ot there.Things we could all benefit from. Good ideas follow the ingestion of quality information.

That’s why we came up with IQpill. Tiny doses of information on a daily basis.

      Does it hurt? No. What about side effects? None recorded. Except for awesomeness.

      I don’t need this. I have google. Yes you do have google. But when you have it in your head it tends to link up. And grow. Our world needs smart people.

We wanted to create the equivalent of multivitamins( if they worked, that is).

Not something that you must absolutely possess and not life endangering either.

Instead, we focus on the little extra, the optional and thus interesting stuff.

We believe there’s always something new to be learned. Anything.

Science, little known history, intriguing stuff, brand new tech, the cosmos, dinosaurs, aliens( why not?), reptilians, Mel Gibson and more. We’d even teach you how to pick up chicks ( guys) if you weren’t such a smooth talker already ( see what we did there?).

We plan on growing and expanding together so stick around, it might be fun.

We ain’t peddling no snake oil though, so we’ll do our best to provide you with interesting facts and useful information. Our monkey butler, Reginald will attend to the funny pages.*


* We don’t have a monkey butler named Reginald. Yet.


Sincerily yours,                                                                                                                                                         

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